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Visual Basic.Net and Chart software

Visual Basic.Net Chart softwareThis page demonstrates the capability of Visual Basic.Net to store, retrieve and display Visitor activity on a Website.

All the colourful charts are dynamically constructed using Visual Basic.Net and Microsoft's Chart software, as well as data previously collected and saved to a SQL Server database.

This page summarises the main factors vital for Website Search Engine optimisation.

This Website is dedicated to Microsoft's Visual Basic and Microsoft Access – so visitors to this site are more likely to be using these Microsoft products. Nevertheless, the statistics produced present a realistic view of Website experience.

Background Asynchronous Processing

Asynchronous Processing allows each Web page to be displayed immediately, while data collection and data storage to an SQL Server database takes place in the background.

Despite the amount of work being done by the server in accessing the database and creating the charts, the response time is good. The wonders of ASP.Net and Visual Basic Programming!

Website Visitor Traffic Information

Website statistics with detailed visitor information that is readily available is saved to a SQL Server database. The following is then displayed:

  • The most popular pages viewed by the visitor
  • The referral links
  • The daily number of visitors
  • The visitor's country
  • The Operating System
  • The Browser that was used

By default the statistics relate only to Australia. Uncheck the check-box to see all countries.

Show only Australian visitors      

Recent Visitor Website Listing

The following analysis shows the last ten visitors that viewed this Website and who looked further than just one page. Note that due to Google using an Encrypted Search, Keyword analyses are now no longer available. This was partly to prevent government snooping, but mostly to encourage Website designers to concentrate on content, rather than on Keyword stuffing.

DateBrowserPlatformPage NamePagesPage Title
07/11/18ChromeWin7Visual-Basic-VBA-To-VBNet2Converting MS Access to VB.Net
06/11/18EdgeWin10Visual-Basic-VBvsC2Comparing Visual Basic to C#
02/11/18ChromeWin7Project-Talsico2Talsico International
31/10/18ChromeWin10Database-Blobs2Microsoft Access and BLOBs
24/10/18SafariiPhonedefault2Visual Basic Programmer: Access Database Programmer
17/10/18ChromeWin10default2Visual Basic Programmer: Access Database Programmer
16/10/18FirefoxWin7Database-Access-3652The Cloud and Microsoft Access 365
15/10/18ChromeWin7SQL-Server-Migration2Access to SQL Server Migration
10/10/18EdgeWin10Visual-Basic-Versions2Visual Basic: Version History
10/10/18EdgeWin10Visual-Basic-Library2Using A Visual Basic Class Library

To produce these statistics, the Website logs information on each visitor to a SQL Server database on the Web Server. The SQL database is then queried to produce the results. Select a row to see the pages visited.

Web Browser Usage Comparisons

Over the past three months, visitors to this Website used these Browsers:

Chrome now dominates all other Browsers. This has not changed with the advent of the new Microsoft Edge Browser. Edge compares favourably with Google's Chrome, but it can only run on Windows 10.

Operating Systems used by the Visitors

This chart shows the Operating System used by the visitors.

Windows 10 has made a strong start – numbers boosted by the free upgrade. Windows 7 numbers will slowly dwindle with the ending of support in 2020. Smart-phones and Tablets have made an appearance, but are still only a small segment of activity.

Search Engine usage Comparisons

This chart shows the Search Engines used by the visitors.

The Bing Search Engine has made a good start by replacing Yahoo!. But Google still massively dominates.

Country of Origin Visitor Statistics

This chart shows the originating Country of the visitors.

The Clients that require Microsoft Access database programming or a Visual Basic Programmer usually come from Australia.

Weekly Visitor Web Statistics

This chart shows the number of weekly visitors to this Website over the year. The trend of the visitor activity will indicate changes to the Google algorithm as well as the effectiveness of any Search Engine Optimisation.

The Visitor Website Landing Pages

The landing page is the page that a visitor selects as the result of a search engine link. Almost every page on a Website could be a Landing Page. The Landing Page is important, as any visual improvement can increase the conversion rate, without requiring further Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

27Database-Access-Models.aspxMicrosoft Access Database Solutions
23default.aspxVisual Basic Programmer: Access Database Programme
19Database-Blobs.aspxMicrosoft Access and BLOBs
19Visual-Basic-VBA-To-VBNet.aspxConverting MS Access to VB.Net
18Database-Access-Limits.aspxMicrosoft Access Database Limits
17Visual-Basic-Versions.aspxVisual Basic: Version History
15Database-Access-Versions.aspxMicrosoft Access Versions
14Database-Access.aspxMicrosoft Access Features
12Tuning-Disc.aspxImproving Disk Performance
9Visual-Basic-VS-Access.aspxFront-End: VB.Net or MS Access?
8Database-Access-365.aspxThe Cloud and Microsoft Access 365
6Project-Talsico.aspxTalsico International
5Database-Access-Library.aspxMicrosoft Access Database Library
5SQL-Server-Standards.aspxSQL Server Standards
5Tuning-Bottlenecks.aspxResource Bottlenecks

The most popular Landing Page is usually the Home page. This needs the most attention. But the infrequently accessed pages also require Landing Page Optimisation. A chance visit could be turned into a sales conversion. All potential landing pages should be attractive – not just the home page. The goal is to inform and invite the visitor to look further.