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Custom Built Software

Custom Built Administration Systems

Business Process Automation using Visual Basic.Net and AccessRepetitive clerical and manually intensive tasks are obvious candidates for automation. Automation will provide the benefits of quality, efficiency and productivity.

But off-the-shelf software packages can be expensive and complex – or have too much functionality that is irrelevant.

And you will be reliant on the continued viability of the software provider. If the vendor folds, your business may be seriously disrupted.

When there is no suitable software package available, custom software will guarantee the best functional fit for a company's requirements. Business procedures will not have to change to suit the software.

The Benefits of a Custom Solution

There are many benefits of software tailored to a company's exact requirements:

Custom Software Productivity Benefits

  • Improve communications
  • Streamline work-flows
  • Minimise user errors and inefficiencies
  • Reduce labour intensive activities
  • Use hardware resources efficiently
  • Make changes and enhancements quickly
  • Avoid constant and expensive licensing and upgrades of the software
  • Avoid retraining costs

The flexibility of custom software will provide a competitive advantage. A custom solution will allow your business to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

Business Automation using Visual Basic.Net and an Access Database

An administration application based on Visual Basic.Net and a Microsoft Access database will provide the best of both worlds.

The software will use the most popular programming language in the World, Visual Basic – and the most popular relational database system in the world, Microsoft Access.

With the advent of the latest version of Visual Basic.Net, development costs have reduced significantly. Administration software Applications can now be created in considerably less time using a Visual Basic.Net Front-End.

And as volumes grow, an easy upgrade to a SQL Server Database is available.

Automating Microsoft Office

For the Microsoft Office applications, virtually all of the actions that can be performed manually can also be performed automatically.

Automating Microsoft Word for example, allows actions such as creating new Documents, adding database records from Microsoft Access to Documents, mail merge, or formatting Documents.

Why use the Visual Basic.Net language?

Visual Basic.Net is ideal for Business applications:

High productivity with Visual Basic.Net

  • Visual Basic.Net makes programming faster and easier
  • The Visual Basic.Net language is Business oriented
  • The User Interface is friendly
  • User training is minimal
  • Visual Basic.Net is resource efficient
  • Data integrity is assured
  • There is no need to have Microsoft Office Professional installed
  • Microsoft Word documents can provide quality presentations

Why use a Microsoft Access Database?

The features of the Access Database are unbeatable:

The benefits of a Microsoft Access Database

  • Access is cost effective
  • Access is a fully functioned, relational database
  • Access is easy to install and use
  • Access has a powerful Report writer wizard
  • Access has a user-friendly Query designer
  • Referential integrity restraints can be enforced for Database consistency
  • Access has a capacity sufficient for most small to medium sized companies
  • Up to 30 users are possible
  • Easily upgradeable to SQL Server, as volumes grow