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Website Promotion And Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Small Business Marketing – Promoting your Brand

Internet Marketing: Small Business PromotionThe Internet is the most effective and cheapest of marketing tools. Advertising via a Website is exponentially less expensive than traditional methods of off-line marketing. These days a Website is a necessity for the small business.

A company's Website will often be looked at before contact is made. It must provide the assurance needed by a potential customer. Good design, well-written content, helpful product and contact information – all increase confidence in the company.

With the advent of Microsoft's hugely popular Web development tools ASP.Net and Visual Basic.Net, the expense of creating a dynamic Website has dramatically fallen. Highly functional Websites can now be created with relative ease and at low cost.

Where are the visitors?

Picture this – You have a new Website, and you are waiting for the orders to come rolling in. After a few months, you are looking rather despondent. After six months, you are looking definitely jaded. But there are still no orders.

Only the occasional visitor. After all the expense of hiring a graphics artist and having a Website designer create the most delightful Website. You are back to placing expensive advertisements in the local newspaper – knowing that the return will be negligible. It is little consolation knowing that you are in the same boat as most new Website owners.

You need to find out why your Website has failed to perform and how to improve it.

Free SEO analysis of your Website

Send me an email including your Website's address, and I will do a Free SEO analysis of your Website.

The analysis will include most of the essentials for Search Engine Optimisation.

The Analysis includes suggestions on:

  • Page Load Time
  • Page Title
  • Meta Description
  • Headings
  • Style
  • Alt
  • Image Size
  • favicon

Further analyses will be needed for all the rest of the pages of the Website. The Page Title, Meta Description, Images and Headings can all be checked in bulk.

Some practical tips to improve Website Visibility

The Website must have a defined purpose or focus. Each page of the Website, should concentrate on achieving the intent. As time goes by, and as a result of experience, the objectives usually need to change.

Identify the Target Audience
Knowing your audience is important. The Website must appeal to the interests, and use the jargon of the Target Audience. If not, they will either not visit the Website or else they will soon depart. See Writing Effective Website Content
Target Keywords
Focus your efforts on search keywords that the Targeted Audience will use, not on popular Keywords. This will help get quality visitors – not just a high traffic rate. See Keywords And Keyword Phrases
Competition Research
Add features and information that the competition use, but also features that the competition lacks. Simply do a Browser search using your Keywords to find the better placed competitors.
Ensure consistency
People want the same look and feel on every Web page – use a Master page to achieve this. See Microsoft's ASP.Net Web Forms
Responsive Design
Responsive web design allows web pages to be Mobile and Tablet Device friendly – whatever the screen size. The Website design should also be Search Engine friendly.
Keep the Website fresh
The Website shouldn't be static. Update the Website frequently. Remove or update old content and images. Make sure that there are no dead Links. See Broken Hyperlink Checker
Ensure good Performance
The time to impress visitors is limited to a few seconds. Slow pages, lengthy text or forms and confusing navigation will lose customers. With Asp.Net, sub-second response times can be achieved. See Microsoft's ASP.Net Web Forms
Directory Submissions
It is of vital importance to have wide exposure of a Website on the Web. This is done through Directory submissions. See Directory Submissions
Content is King!
Many Websites are built with pretty pictures, and little content. No matter how attractive the Website is, only content (that is lots of well chosen Words!) will get you visitors. See Rankings And Website Content
Customer Testimonials
This will build Trust in your company. And you are in complete control on what is shown – unlike online reviews.
Activity Tracking
It is important to track the Website visitor activity. This will show how visitor numbers respond to Website changes.
Social Media
There are many social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn. Make sure that your Website URL or Brand is visible.
Optimise Images
Sort all Images used by size. Make sure the largest are optimally compressed – or replaced. Convert the smallest Images to Sprites. Make sure that all <img> tags have explanatory "alt" and "title" attributes. See Optimising Website Images
Title & Meta Tags
The "Title" tag and the "Description" Meta tag are important if the Website is to be found. These tags MUST be unique for every page. See The HTML Title Tag And The Meta Tags