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Broken Hyperlink Checker

Website SEO: Broken Hyperlink CheckerFor the visitor there is nothing more annoying that coming across a broken Hyperlink. There will be a definite loss in confidence in the Company – and most likely the visitor will look elsewhere.

The Hyperlink may refer to an internal page, or to an external Website. In large Websites, with much activity, it is very easy to create a broken Hyperlink. And there is no guarantee that an external reference will always exist.

The effect of Broken links

Broken links are bad news. They:

  • Can damage your Website's rankings
  • Frustrate the visitor
  • Reflect badly on your Company

Broken Hyperlink example

To see what a Broken Hyperlink message looks like, click this Hyperlink Broken Hyperlink and you will get an HTTP 404 "The resource cannot be found" error message.

Broken Hyperlink Checker

This routine tests every Hyperlink referred to by the initial URL page, and every External and Internal Hyperlink called by all Hyperlinks of each page. It takes a while to do all this.

Enter your Website's URL and click "Check Links" to start.