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Visual Basic Client Project: Vertikote Corp Limited

Visual Basic and VBA Client ProjectsVertikote is one of the largest industrial paint and powder coating operators in Australia.

They offer a complete range of coatings and textures for commercial and domestic applications.

Programming Project Period:

April 2007 to December 2009

Programming Job Description:

Microsoft Access Database and Visual Basic Programmer.

VB Programming Duties:

Stabilising, enhancing and maintaining the PCS Administration database Application – consisting of over 45,000 lines of code.

Programming Achievements:

Upgraded the old, slow and error prone PCS Application into a modern, solid and efficient Access database Application:

  • Created a test environment to emulate the PCS Application.
  • Using Terminal Services, created a test environment on the Server.
  • Installed the PCS Application using Access 97, and then converted the databases to Access 2003.
  • Upgraded the linkage of the Sybiz (FoxPro database) from ISAM to ODBC.
  • Analysis of the Access database identified over 30,000 issues. Resolved all major problems.
  • Created an Error handling module, recording error details to a log file and database.
  • Added error handling to each procedure in all Forms and Reports. All "Resume Next" statements replaced with error handling. Ensured that all Variables are typecast. Eliminated Variant variables.
  • Created an ADO module, to handle Database access.
  • Upgraded Access 2 and VB5 functions to VB6. Removed all Access 95 constructs and macros.
  • Created a data driven Menu Application.
  • Added Microsoft Access and User security to the Access database.
  • Decompiled the PCS database, reducing the size by 60%.
  • Added a procedure to calculate the number of workdays in a period, taking into account weekends and holidays.
  • Created a Form and the logic to Re-link to any Back-End database. Created a Start up Form that controls the Back-End Re-linking.
  • Identified the sources of performance issues.
  • Added a procedure for the automation of Faxes to clients.