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Visual Basic Client Project: Professional Utility Board

Visual Basic and VBA Client ProjectsThe Professional Utility Board is a utility management company providing sustainable solutions for energy, telecommunications, water and waste for business and the environment.

They implement efficient technology solutions to lower costs and reduce usage for retailers, suppliers and large corporate companies.

Programming Project Period:

August 2013 to December 2014

Programming Job Description:

Microsoft Visual Basic Programmer and Microsoft Access Programmer.

VB Programming Duties:

Creation of a Application to detail monthly power consumption and cost for each Client.

Programming Achievements:
  • Created a Visual Basic Front-End program to retrieve data from the corporate Access database
  • For each client, extracted power usage and cost from the Access database, for the current and previous invoice period and the previous year
  • Identified many data inconsistencies in the Access database records
  • Created a Word document comparing all the sites for a Client
  • Created a facility to insert Common Header and Footer Word document paragraphs
  • Created a graph, using a Microsoft Chart control, comparing the power usage of all the sites of a Client
  • Created a routine to allow reporting in bulk for all Clients