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Visual Basic Client Project: National Union of Workers - NSW

Visual Basic and VBA Client ProjectsThe National Union of Workers (NUW) was formed by an amalgamation of unions, providing pooled expertise and resources to their members.

Programming Project Period:

May 2010 to December 2012

Programming Job Description:

Microsoft Visual Basic Programmer, Microsoft Access Programmer, SQL Server support and administration.

VB Programming Duties:

Maintenance and enhancement of the NUW Access Database Application for the Administration of NUW Membership.

Programming Achievements:

Transformed a large (over 60,000 lines of code), badly performing and inadequate Access Database Application into an efficient and modern administration Application.

  • Fixed a printer problem with membership card reports. Changed the membership card reports. Removed the magnetic stripe error message.
  • Compacted the Front-End database, contracting it by 93%. Set the database compression to occur on exit.
  • The configuration of the Application was inefficient and not Microsoft recommended. Reorganised the configuration and eliminated some user problems whilst improving performance.
  • Upgraded the NUW Application from Access 2003 to Access 2007. Removed all Access 95 constructs.
  • Fixed problems relating to undeclared references. Deleted countless unused variables. Typecast all fields. Removed redundant code. Removed Access 95 code. Cleaned up countless code procedures. Hid the new Ribbon and Navigation pane.
  • Optimised the Back-End database, removing the "Auto" option and adding Unicode compression. Deleted old records from the Back-End database, reducing the size by 50%.
  • Added fixes to NUW Application, due to Microsoft's new security procedures.
  • Imported a new listing of Post Codes and Suburbs from Austral Post. Created a Post Code selection form – also a search by State and Suburb.
  • Dramatically improved the response time of the NUW Application.
  • Add Error Handling to every Visual Basic Procedure. Removed all Macro coding.
  • Converted the Back-End database to SQL Server. Test runs of the converted SQL Server database, eliminated all structural problems.