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Visual Basic Client Project: Infosphere Pty Ltd

Visual Basic and VBA Client ProjectsInfosphere provides custom software development services for Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual Basic and SQL Server Database projects.

Infosphere has created Infocouncil, a highly specialised software package for managing council reports, agendas, minutes and resolutions.

Programming Project Period:

March 2001 to January 2010.

Programming Job Description:

Microsoft Visual Basic Programmer, Microsoft Access designer and Website Designer.

VB Programming Duties:
  • Microsoft Visual Basic conversion and programmer
  • Microsoft Access design, program and maintenance
  • Setting of Visual Basic programmer standards
  • HTML and Website Designer
Programming Achievements:
  • Updated the Infocouncil Website with a fluid design that copes with screens of all sizes. Upgraded all code to HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Produced a 30 page manual on SQL, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications Programmer standards.
  • Analysed the automatic creation of Acrobat's Portable Document Format (.pdf) files as email attachments.
  • Converted a VB3 project to Microsoft Visual Basic 6 for George Patterson Bates. This comprised 65,000 lines of code, and involved the conversion of:
    • Multiple Microsoft Access databases.
    • Third party Controls – Video Elastic (now SizerOne), True Grid (now True DBGrid).
    • 16 bit API Windows System calls – including replacement of those that were obsoleted.
    • Crystal Reports
    • Email
    • ODBC
  • Converted a VB3 to Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Life Insurance valuation Application for Phillips Fox actuaries.
  • Rewrote the Infosphere Web site, optimised for Search Engines – including research on Keywords.
  • Created a Visual Basic program to automate the sending of monthly newsletters by Email. Added a routine to check the validity of the Email address, for the correct format, domain and country. Created numerous newsletters in HTML compatible with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Updated the Infosphere Website to ASP.Net. Created the Infocouncil Website -
  • Set up a template for Emailing the Infocouncil Newsletters to Councils.