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Visual Basic Programmer
Microsoft Access Database Programmer

Custom Built Software

Visual Basic Client Project: International Hotel Technologies

Visual Basic and VBA Client ProjectsIHT market "ROOMS ON LINE" software for Hotels.

The Application provides a Wireless Broadband Internet interface to any Property Management System for automated billing of a guest account.

Programming Project Period:

December 2006 to December 2008

Programming Job Description:

Microsoft Visual Basic Programmer.
ASP.Net and Visual Basic Programmer.
Website designer.

Programming Achievements:

Created a Website called Spycheck, using Visual Basic and ASP.Net. to checks for Malware, Adware and Spyware on the Client's PC.

  • Created a Database for the Process Information on the Website Server
  • Created a DLL to extract active processes on any Windows Operating System.
  • Created a new Website using ASP.Net.
  • Extracted the Client's Browser version and the O/S Platform from the Website.
  • Overcame all Microsoft security hurdles with downloading the DLL by using the IObjectSafety interface and digital signing from Thawte.
  • Upgraded the Website presentation to allow the product to be marketed to banks.
  • Created a Visual Basic program to extract Malware Process details from Internet Websites, and store the information to a Database.
  • Investigation into the technical aspects of creating an anti-phishing database and an Outlook COM Object Add-in to intercept new Email.
  • Analysis of using an Outlook OTM file with Visual Basic Macros versus a Com Object Add-in.