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Visual Basic Client Project: Fujitsu Australia Ltd

Visual Basic and VBA Client ProjectsFujitsu Australia has a division that supplies administration systems to Local Governments.

A Client/Server version has been developed using a modified Legacy Application at the Back-End, the Client being written in Visual Basic.

Programming Project Period:

December 1999 to December 2000

Programming Job Description:

Enhancing an administration Application for Local Governments

Visual Basic Software:

The Application is data driven, and all Menu Items and MDI child Forms are created "on the fly". The rules are defined in a Microsoft Access database. Any new application can be added at will. The Microsoft Visual Basic programming involved the complexities of applying the database Rules, handling dynamic Form creation, and Meta data used to create the transitory objects.

VB Programming Duties:
  • Support of the Client side of the large and complex (about 10 person years of work and a few hundred thousand lines of code) Local Government project for Warringah Council.
  • Providing bug-free and stable systems.
  • Attending to Client bug and enhancement requests.
  • Conversion of DAO Jet Engine to ADO database access objects.
  • Conversion of the Application to Component Object Modules (COM) to reduce maintenance overhead.
  • Allow third party access to the Application.
  • Consultancy for Fujitsu in their attempt to become autonomous.
  • Ongoing software support for individual projects.
Programming Achievements:
  • Set up a completely new environment to handle the Networking requirements, the Microsoft Visual Basic environment and the Middle-ware for the Client GUI Application – including the Unix Server and databases.
  • Produced a stable Application.
  • Eliminated of all high priority errors in the Microsoft Visual Basic programs and created a stable Application.
  • Reduced program response times by over 70%.
  • Changed thousands of lines of code in implementing consistency and programming standards.
  • Built an open ended ActiveX control to allow all Forms to be converted to controls. The first of these handled Logins, Printer selection, and Screen Printing.
  • Created an open ended DLL to provide Error handling, Server access, Transaction creation, rule definitions, printing, etc.
  • Produced an asynchronous .EXE to play sounds, FTP printing, Server access – without impacting on the Client.
  • Created a "User Exit" interface to allow independent third party access to the records on the Server, and provide access to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.