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My Background and skills in creating computer Applications

Neville Silverman: My BackgroundI started off my career as a mathematician and went on to become the manager of the actuarial department for one of the largest Life Insurance companies in South Africa.

When my last child was born, I decided that Australia was the best place to raise a family. At that time, Australia had enough Actuaries, but too few Systems Analysts.

So I decided to make Systems Analysis my new career path.

MIS Manager at Mercantile Mutual Life

I became the architect of Information Systems for the large and successful Australian Life Insurance company - Mercantile Mutual Life. My work as MIS manager involved the analysis of business systems and the consequent computer design, development and implementation of the administration Applications. I set all the computer strategic directions and standards.

My Applications and skills gave the company a competitive edge and administrative cost advantage over the competition. This enabled the Insurance company to expand at an incredible rate for many years. Keeping the system operating with minimal staffing and minimal computer resources was my forte.

And all this was done on a Hewlett Packard HP3000 mini computer — competing very successfully against companies using IBM's mainframes.

I had a reputation of maintaining the highest standards among all the MIS Managers in Sydney and the lowest staff turnover in the industry. Using a mini computer rather than the traditional mainframe, the MIS administration costs were reduced to be among the lowest in the world. The computer department was regarded as a centre of excellence.

From a Mini computer to the PC

The move from COBOL on a mini computer to Visual Basic and Microsoft Access on PCs was a natural progression. And after a few years, I acquired the skills for creating Company administration Applications using Microsoft Access and Visual Basic.

I have created numerous Microsoft Access databases, SQL Server Databases and Microsoft Visual Basic Applications for clients. Optimising Client administration Applications is my speciality. I have extending the useful life of many an Access Database Application, avoiding the effort and cost of an upgrade.

I have lectured extensively on Performance Tuning throughout Australia, New Zealand, and in the USA.

A Client reference: Natalie Robertson – Latrobe University Lecturer

Neville Silverman has developed four Microsoft Access applications for me since December 2011. I have been very impressed with Neville's professionalism and skill in developing and supporting these systems.

He is very attentive to the needs of users, and I know that I can rely on him to see a job through and fix any post implementation errors.

I found Neville to be an excellent programmer and the systems he has developed, i.e. automating the process of scheduling tasks and cataloguing electronic files, has increased my efficiency tremendously.

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