Visual Basic Programmer: Access database Programmer

Visual Basic Programmer
Microsoft Access Database Programmer

Custom Built Software

Design, Analyse, Migrate, Optimise

Visual Basic and Access database ProgrammerI am an Analyst programmer with over 20 years' experience in:

  • Visual Basic: VB.Net, VB6, VBA
  • Microsoft Access Database
  • SQL Server Database
  • Optimising Application Performance
A specialist in the creation, upgrading and optimisation of Company Administration software.

I have extended the useful life of many a mission-critical Access Database Application, avoiding the effort and cost of an upgrade.

Visual Basic Programming Services

  • Create Microsoft Access Database Solutions
  • Programming Business Applications with Visual Basic.Net
  • Migrate Microsoft Access to Visual Basic.Net
  • Migrate Access Database to SQL Server Database
  • Migrate Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Access Database
  • Convert Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic.Net
  • Optimise Microsoft Access Applications

Custom Built Administration Systems

Many small firms start off by using a number of applications to manage their operations.

As the companies grow, this approach inevitably becomes labour intensive and inefficient.

Worse still, information is scattered and difficult to extract – or irretrievably lost.

When the available software does not match company requirements, and no off-the-shelf solution exists for your business functions – a custom solution is called for.

Using a library of tried and tested procedures developed over many years, together with Visual Basic and a Microsoft Access Database, Custom-built Administration Applications can be created rapidly.

The software is tailored to fit your requirements – programming solutions that are cost-effective and user-friendly.

With short software development times, a tailor-made solution is more feasible than ever.

A Client reference: Gary Vink – Svitzer Australia

Neville Silverman's skill in interpreting client requirements, offering alternatives, and programming ability is outstanding.

He has been required to work with minimal supervision and direction and has accommodated scope variations without missing a deadline.

He has the competence to get the job done and deliver results that surpassed expectation.

He was able to turn our vision into reality.

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